What is history revisited?

We are a group of riders with a passion for history, who aim to bring to life the spirit and ethos of the historical figures and eras we portray, for the information and entertainment of the general public.

Although many of our members regularly take part in ‘authentic’ historical re-enactments for organisations including English Heritage, The Sealed Knot and EventPlan and we can offer this type of living history display, should you wish to book one, many of our bookings come from County Show or Festival committees, who simply want to provide their local communities with an opportunity to celebrate or commemorate a particular moment in history in a lively and entertaining way.

We are happy to do either type of display, so that we can reach as wide an audience as possible, keeping history alive, accessible and revisited!



Upcoming Events

  1. The Munnings Art Museum

    July 30 - August 1
  2. Baston in the Blitz

    August 3 - August 4
  3. Knebworth Country, Crafts & Steam Fair

    August 10 - August 11
  4. Ramsey 1940s Weekend

    August 17 - August 18
  5. The Kent Country Show

    August 25 - August 26
  6. Beamish Museum – Dig for Victory

    August 29 - September 1
  7. The Wimbledon Fayre

    September 21 - September 22
  8. The Essex Country Show

    September 28 - September 29
  9. The Autumn Country Show

    October 19 - October 20